A Reporter Looks Back at His ‘Shameful’ Coverage of Rwanda – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Twenty years ago on April 6, the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda began. At the time, many Western reporters played it down as “ethnic warfare,” including Bartholomäus Grill, now a correspondent for SPIEGEL. He looks back with shame.

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Collective Excess: Forty Years of Berlin Nightlife – SPIEGEL

Berlin’s nightlife is one of the German capital’s greatest and strangest success stories, a modern postwar legend that has grown over the course of the past four decades, making the city an object of longing for those in search of nightlife adventure — music, dancing, exhilaration, drugs and excess.

Of the 11 million tourists who visit Berlin each year, around one-third come for the nightlife, a study by Berlin tourism organization visitBerlin found. According to the Wall Street Journal, this brings €1 billion ($1.4 billion) in revenue into the city each year.

These visitors arrive like clockwork via budget airlines and check themselves into hostels, yet despite this neatly structured sequence of events, Berlin manages to sell its theme park of clubs, discos and lounges as a kind of anti-Disneyland.

In four decades, Berlin’s nightlife has grown from a small scene of West German misfits into a global party mecca. By cultivating its underground mythos, the German capital achieved one of its greatest and strangest success stories — but not without paying a price.


Down and Out: Homeless Tour Gives Glimpse of Berlin’s Underbelly – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

Most visitors to Berlin want to get the know the city’s hippest haunts, but a new tour offers insights into the lives of its homeless people. The program aims to bring people at the margins back into contact with the center of society.


Foodies Fight to Protect the Term Restaurant with Seal in France – SPIEGEL ONLINE

An increasing number of establishments in France are serving pre-made food to their customers. Old-school foodies want to put a stop to the practice with an initiative to apply the term “restaurant” only to places that serve fresh food made on site.

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Hitler Food Taster Margot Wölk Speaks about Her Memories – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Each meal could have been her last, but Adolf Hitler’s food taster Margot Wölk lived to tell her story. Forced to test the Nazi leader’s meals for more than two years, the 95-year-old tells SPIEGEL ONLINE that she lived in constant fear.

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Evaluating Drug Decriminalization in Portugal 12 Years Later – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Twelve years ago, Portugal eliminated criminal penalties for drug users. Since then, those caught with small amounts of marijuana, cocaine or heroin go unindicted and possession is a misdemeanor on par with illegal parking. Experts are pleased with the results.


Ten Lessons America Learned from the 2003 Iraq War – SPIEGEL ONLINE

A decade on, polls suggest that a majority of Americans view the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a mistake. Right or wrong, the war has immensely influenced how America sees itself, is seen and conducts itself on the global stage.