Frederic Franklin, ballet dancer, coach and director, dies at 98 – The Washington Post

Frederic Franklin, an exuberant, British-born ballet dancer who was an early inspiration for choreographers George Balanchine and Agnes de Mille and a frequent stage partner of the renowned ballerina Alexandra Danilova, died Saturday at a New York hospital. He was 98.

He had complications from pneumonia, said his partner, William Ausman.

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From ‘Anna Karenina,’ lessons for the ballet world – The Washington Post

For a movie, the Joe Wright-Tom Stoppard “Anna Karenina” is a pretty terrific play. In fact, this exquisite film makes a powerful case for live physical theater.

Not only that, but there are lessons for the ballet world to be found in the stylized cinematic storytelling carried out by director Wright, playwright Stoppard (who adapted Tolstoy’s panoramic novel for the big screen) and experimental choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

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No sex on campus? – Altmuslimah@On Faith – The Washington Post

Another school year is in full swing. Frat houses around the country are once again swollen with partygoers and intoxicated youth. Sunday mornings once again mark the regret of thousands of young women who hooked-up the night prior and either cannot remember what they did, or do remember and are trying to forget.

Another hook-up season is in full swing.

But this hook-up season, there is an increasing phenomenon of unlikely bedfellows opting out: Catholic and Muslim women. These women of faith are increasingly allied in searching for a different way to live out their college tenure than from dorm room to dorm room. And they are finding that despite theological differences that run deep, shared perspectives about modesty, chastity, and dignity run deeper.

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Bernanke quietly takes the heat – The Washington Post

The economy is stalling. Republican presidential candidates are calling for his head. And as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke took to a stage in Minneapolis on Thursday to give his latest thoughts on the nation’s economy, he knew that in just a few hours President Obama would be giving one of his most important speeches on the same topic.

If the heat is getting to the mild-mannered Fed chief, it didn’t show. Bernanke delivered a typically low-key speech and even sounded an upbeat note or two. But make no mistake: A ferocious amount of political pressure is building on Bernanke, who controls an agency designed to be independent of politics and is the one force in government that can act unilaterally to address some of the current economic woes.

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How sarcasm can boost creativity – Post Leadership – The Washington Post

Next time you’re about to get angry at someone who works for you, keep this in mind. To get them to work smarter, use sarcasm instead.But just because the students worked harder doesn’t mean they worked smarter. In a similar study by the psychologists, students listened to conversations where the customer was criticized with tough sarcasm. Despite also listening to a form of anger — albeit laced with humor this time — these students performed better on the creative problems. The study also showed that students exposed to sarcasm performed better on problems that required more “cognitive complexity,” or the ability to look at issues from more than one angle, than those that didn’t hear such comments. The researchers suggest that while the underlying anger helped to focus the students, the inherent humor of sarcasm helped to offset the damage that anger can do.

How sarcasm can boost creativity – Post Leadership – The Washington Post.